Creating a Site

How to create and update a Site (location) in your account.

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If you're just getting started you can either modify the Demo Location provided or create a new Site.

How to create or edit a Site

Select the Sites tab on the left-hand side, then select Add a Site in the top right, or edit beside an existing Site.

You will be asked to fill out details including Site name, address, access hours and more.

In the Customer Access section, you will be asked to select your site access type (Standard Padlock, Nōke Smart Entry or BearBox).

Learn more on how to integrate Stora with smart entry systems:

For smart entry users, you can turn on auto-lock. This feature automatically overlocks a customer's unit when a monthly payment fails. You have the option here to make this immediate or give them a set number of days grace period.

Further help on Auto-lock can be found here.

When can customers move in?

You are able to specify the range of dates in which customers can choose to move in. The options range from the same day as booking right up to 90 days later. Choose the range from the drop-down menus that best suits the needs of your Storage facility.

You can also choose which days of the week, customers can move in on.

Future opening date

If your facility is yet to open, but you have a date in mind and would like to start taking bookings, select the date here. This will start the move in range from this date. If you're already open leave this blank.

Customise your move in emails

Here you can also opt to add a custom message to the move-in day email that customers automatically receive from you when you use Stora.

You will also have the opportunity here to add images of your site, along with a short ‘about site’ section and opening hours. Both be visible on your Online Storefront.

Storefront options

This lets you customise how your Site appears on your Storefront. You can add a custom title, an introduction to include SEO keywords, or hide the Site completely. Useful if you're still working on the details.

Storefront options

The final section lets you customise the default Storefront Billing Period your Site uses. If you only see one option, you will need to set up more Billing Periods, learn how here.

You can also specify how prices initially are displayed on your Storefront.

When you are happy select Create or Update Site.

Can I edit my Site details?

Yes. If you’d like to change or edit any of the Site details you can do this by selecting the ‘Sites’ tab on the left-hand side and selecting ‘edit’ on the Site you wish to change.

Please make sure to confirm your changes by clicking ‘update site’ at the bottom of the page.

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