Confirm with your employer how & when they will reimburse you.

Your employer will reimburse you directly for your QSEHRA and ICHRA claims. Each month, Take Command Health will deliver a reimbursement statement to your employer so they know exactly how much to reimburse you. Double check with your HRA administrator to find out how and when they plan to process reimbursements each month. Some employers choose to add reimbursements to payroll while others issue a separate payment.

Take Command Health will not handle any reimbursements.

Confirm that you are all set to receive a reimbursement.

If you have not received a reimbursement yet but think you should have, double check that you've completed all the steps necessary to claim the reimbursement. Here's a reminder:

  1. Upload proof of coverage for Compliance. After you upload proof of your insurance coverage, we'll review to make sure your plan qualifies as Minimum Essential Coverage(for QSEHRA) or individual health coverage or Medicare(for ICHRA). You can always double check this in your member portal under "Compliance." 

  2. Set up your premium as a recurring claim. Once you set it up, you can confirm whether it's been approved in your member portal.

  3. Check whether your claim has been submitted, approved, and reported to your employer. Check the claims list to see if the claim is approved, and whether it's shown up on a monthly Reimbursement Statement for your employer yet.

If you have done all 3 of those steps, and the claim in question shows it has been reimbursed on your list in your member portal, ask your employer when you will receive the reimbursement.

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