How do I update my recurring premium amount?

My premium amount has changed. How so I change the amount in your system?

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Through the Take Command Health member portal, you can submit your monthly premium as a recurring expense. That means you won't have to submit your premium to us every month! Instead, we'll set it up to automatically be applied to your reimbursement amount each month, and we'll only ask for new evidence once per compliance period.

Since it's automatic, that means that if your premium amount changes, you will have to update your recurring premium amount in the member portal in order for us to update your reimbursement amount accordingly. Remember, this applies to your health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance premiums!

Don't worry - we make this quick and easy! All you need to do is:

  1. Log into your member portal, and click on Health Insurance.

  2. Cancel your current recurring premium expense.

  3. Click on Dashboard and set up your new recurring monthly premium.

Here is a video to show you each step:

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