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Understanding the Different Sections of Teach 'n Go
Understanding the Different Sections of Teach 'n Go

Navigating Teach 'n Go: A Quick Overview

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Teach 'n Go offers a user-friendly interface with key sections to manage various aspects of your school. Here's a quick overview:


  • Overview: The dashboard is the first point of contact upon logging in. It highlights the lessons scheduled for the day, offering quick access to essential information.

  • Quick Stats: Get a rapid overview of daily activities, such as the number of lessons, students, and teachers involved.

Switch Days: Easily navigate through different days to plan and view schedules.


  • Overview: The calendar provides a holistic view of all scheduled classes and lessons across various days.

  • Filter Options: Efficiently manage schedules by filtering classes based on teachers, students, or classrooms.

  • Period Views: Daily, weekly, and monthly options for comprehensive schedule visibility.

  • Resourcing Views: View for teachers or classrooms, enabling quick assessment of availability at a selected time.


The People section is where data on all school members are restored for students, teachers, prospects and related contacts. The People tables can be sorted using different headings, and you can filter and search to find the information you need.

  • Students: Access a detailed profile of enrolled students containing information on attendance, fees, and more.

  • Teachers: Manage teacher data, including the classes they teach and access permissions.

  • Prospects: Track potential new students and seamlessly convert them into enrolled status.

  • Related Contacts: Store and access data on contacts associated with students, streamlining communication.

Classes & Events

  • List View: Browse through all classes at a glance. View, Filter, search and conduct bulk actions.

  • Class Details: Access comprehensive details about each class, including lessons, enrolled students, and more.


  • Payment Details: Gain insights into payments made, overdue fees, and invoices.

  • Create Invoices/Receipts: Easily generate new financial documents for students.

Group Messaging

  • Communication Hub: Efficiently communicate via email or SMS with teachers, students, or related contacts.

  • Targeted Messaging: Tailor messages for specific individuals, classes, or cohorts.

Sending emails through Teach 'n Go is a complimentary feature, while for SMS functionality, users can replenish their account with SMS credits. Further details on topping up can be found here.


  • Data Analysis: Generate detailed reports for a thorough understanding of day-to-day school activities.

  • Export Options: Export reports to Excel for further analysis and record-keeping.

Teach 'n Go's interface is designed for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring users can navigate and utilize its various features to manage their educational institutions effectively.

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