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Get a Custom URL for your School
Get a Custom URL for your School

How to get a custom URL for your school

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Elevate your school's online presence by securing a custom URL, such as With this feature:

  • Choose Your URL: Select a URL that represents your school.

  • Branded Experience: Display your school logo on login, registration, and other pages.

  • Seamless Invitations: Automatically direct school members to your custom URL when invited to Teach 'n Go.


  • Boost Branding: Increase visibility and recognition for your school.

  • Professional Appearance: Convey a polished and professional image.

  • Build Trust: Enhance trust among school members.

Avail this service for a one-time setup fee of €200. The process typically takes two working days, and the invoice will be sent after the URL is live. To request your custom domain, reach out to us through chat or email. Elevate your school's online identity with Teach 'n Go!

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