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Customizing Header Color in Teach 'n Go
Customizing Header Color in Teach 'n Go

How to add your brands colour and apply itto the header in teach 'n Go.

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Customizing School Header Color in Teach 'n Go

You have the option to personalize the header colour in Teach 'n Go to align with your school's branding. This customization will be applied to all users within your school. Follow these steps to apply the desired header colour:

  1. Access School Settings:

    • Navigate to the School Settings page within Teach 'n Go.

  2. General Settings Tab:

    • Once on the School Settings page, locate and click on the "General Settings" tab.

  3. Select Header Color:

    • Within the options presented, locate the "Header Color" setting.

    • Click on the dropdown menu to choose a colour from the available options.

  4. Custom Color Option:

    • If you prefer a specific colour that is not available in the dropdown menu, click on the "More" button.

    • This will enable you to input the hex code or choose the precise colour you desire.

  5. Save Changes:

    • After selecting or inputting the desired color, ensure that you click the "Save" button to apply the changes.

By following these steps, you can easily customize the header colour in Teach 'n Go to reflect your school's unique branding and identity.

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