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Sample Privacy Letter for Parents

Letter for Parents in Europe

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This is a sample GDPR notice to be reviewed and tailored to your early childhood, daycare, preschool or after school service

What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes it easier for you to control how we use your personal data at [insert name of early childhood service]. We will and have always asked for your consent when processing information (i.e. obtaining, recording or keeping data such as your home address, name and telephone number etc.).

Our Role: [Insert name of early childhood service] acts as a data controller. According to the GDPR, this means that we control and are responsible for the keeping and use of personal information on computers or in structured manual files which relate to your child.

Contact Information of Data Protection Officer at [insert name of early childhood service]

If you have any enquiries, want to discuss your personal data please contact:




The role of our [Insert name of DPO] is to:

  • Keep updated on data protection issues and offer training to teachers

  • Handle data protection queries and ensure that we are compliant with data protection regulations such as the GDPR

  • Liaise with GDPR agencies and document appropriate data protection process

  • Liaise with parents, discuss your rights, how your data is used and/or protected and give you information on our data protection processes

  • Reports all incidents of loss of control of personal data in manual or electronic form as soon as the data processor becomes aware of the incident.

Why do we collect your data? We collect data to ensure that your child receives the best educational and care experiences possible. We use this data to liaise with governmental agencies and you (parents and caregivers) on your children’s development, to monitor and improve the quality of our services and comply with law such as the [insert relevant regulation, for example, the early years regulations, 2016) which mandate that records such as attendance and medical records and obtained and stored. We will only collect your data for one or more specified explicit and legitimate purposes.

What type of information is collected?

  • Personal data such as names, addresses, ethnicity and place of birth

  • Attendance details

  • Learning and developmental documentation

  • Medical and behavioural information

Your rights: Although, we collect sensitive information you have control over how and when it is used. Regulations may mandate us to collect certain types of information, other times, the information we ask for may be given on a voluntary basis. We will always inform you of your rights and ask for consent where applicable. According to the GDPR you will always have these rights:

  1. Right to be forgotten: You have a right to have your data erased from our database

  2. Right to obtain and access your data at any time

  3. Right to update your records or correct any mistakes

  4. Right to stop your data being processed in certain instances

  5. Right to portability: you may transfer your data to another early years service

  6. Right to Right to freedom from automated decision making

  7. Right to stop direct or online marketing

  8. You are free to withdraw consent at any time

Commitment to Your Privacy: We use TeachKloud to manage our early childhood service and communicate with parents. TeachKloud is a cloud-based management platform for early childhood services. Your protection, security and peace of mind is our highest priority! TeachKloud is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS). TeachKloud does not transfer your Personal Data. TeachKloud’s privacy policy provides further detail on:

  • Who is responsible for your Personal Data?

  • What Personal Data do we collect?

  • How do we collect your Personal Data?

  • For what purposes do we process your Personal Data and what is our legal basis?

  • Do we share your Personal Data with anyone else?

  • Keeping your Personal Data secure

  • For how long do we keep your Personal Data?

  • Your data protection rights

  • Cookies we use and their purpose

Please contact TeachKloud directly if you have any questions on their privacy policy.

Can I take a Tour of TeachKloud?

Yes! Take a Tour of the TeachKloud Parent Application on their website here.

TeachKloud Access: To access TeachKloud, a parent must be invited to view their child’s profile and confirmed by the childcare administrator (e.g. owner/manager of the childcare service).

The administrator can review, control, delete and decide what information is shared and who has access to it. Parents may delete their TeachKloud parent account at any time without prior notice, by emailing (using their registered TeachKloud email) with their request. Please include your full name, the email associated with your parent account and your child’s (ren) full name.

We have further information in our detailed Data Protection Policy, which you may find it on our school premises or on our website. If you have understood and agree to the information in this privacy notice please sign below:

I, ___________________________ on [insert date] declare that I understand and agree to this privacy notice from [insert early childhood services’ name here]

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