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I invited a parent to TeachKloud but they have not received the invite
I invited a parent to TeachKloud but they have not received the invite
Updated over a week ago

There are three common reasons a parent invite may not have been received:

  1. The email used is not correct

  2. The invite to app box was not ticked

  3. Rarely, the invite email is in the parents spam or promotions email folder

Please check the parent profile to ensure the email used is the parents correct email AND the box to invite the parent to the app, has ben ticked. To check, select children > list of children > edit child profile > parents and guardians. If the email used is correct, ask the parent to check their spam and promotions folder for the invite email from:

If you have done all of the above, but the parent cannot find the invite email, please read the below email and send to the parent. Please ensure you edit the email below, adding the parent email (see point 2):

Parent Invite Email

Dear Parent,

Welcome to TeachKloud - the best way for parents, early childhood services and after schools to communicate and share information on children's education and care!

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Download the TeachKloud App for Parents on a mobile or tablet using these links: Apple / iOS or Android

  2. Sign in using the email address that was used to invite you [the childcare should confirm with the parent the email that was used to invite them, so they can use this to create their account]

  3. Visit our parent support page for tutorials and information on privacy.

Watch this video to see how TeachKloud works!

Kind regards,

[insert childcare management / name]

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