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How to do I download or print from the TeachKloud Mobile / Tablet App?
How to do I download or print from the TeachKloud Mobile / Tablet App?

Download records from the teachkloud mobile/tablet app

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Download Records for Parents

Teacher? See the next video to learn how to download reports from the teacher mobile/tablet app.

Download Records for Teachers

Download Records: Instructions

TeachKloud gives you the ability to download individual images, videos, PDF documents and even specific records like learning stories. You can then connect your device to a printer and print from there or utilise other options, (depending on the device being used), like emailing the image, video or record, saving it to an external hard drive and so on.

Downloading images, pdf documents or videos: Please note, pdf documents cannot be downloaded from the instant-messenger.

Select the image, video or pdf document and select the download button in the top right hand corner.

Downloading learning stories, daily records and other documents

Go to the learning story tab (or relevant tab), select the download report button in the top right hand-corner of your screen and follow the instructions or select the three grey dots in next to the specific learning story or daily record and select 'download report.'

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