Switching Rooms using the TeachKloud: Childcare App

Mobile/tablet TeachKloud App

Updated over a week ago

Before switching rooms, please make sure you have been given access to that room. To give or check room access:

  1. Log into the school interface (or ask an admin to log in and check that you have access).

  2. Select teachers > list of teachers > three grey dots > manage rooms

Switching Rooms on the App for Rooms (that you have access to):

  1. Once you have access, log into the TeachKloud: Childcare App on your phone/tablet and in the top left-hand corner (see screenshot)

  2. Select the relevant room (bottom of screen)

  3. Tip: You can switch rooms on the app by selecting either daily records, learning stories, chat and attendance and then selecting the button in the top left-hand corner.

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