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Parent Invitation Status
Parent Invitation Status

Has a parent downloaded the app?

Updated over a week ago

On the TeachKloud: Childcare Mobile App, teachers can check the status of any parent in the child profiles section.

  • Select the letter [bottom, right-hand corner]

  • Select ‘Child Profiles’

  • The status of each parent is displayed underneath their child’s name. Tip: if the writing is in green, the parent has been invited and downloaded the app for parents called ‘TeachKloud for Parents’. If the writing is in pink, the parent has been invited but has not downloaded the app [see screenshot below]. If the writing is in grey, the parent has not been invited.

  • If you have invited a parent but they did not receive an invite email, please check that the email you used is correct. If the email used to invite the parent is correct, please ask the parent to check spam.

  • If you have invited a parent and they receive a message stating ‘you are not associated with a registered school’ when logging into the app, the parent has downloaded the app for teachers. The parent should download the app called ‘TeachKloud for Parents‘ and create an account using the email they were invited with.

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