Create and Share Parental Consent Form's such as Medication Consent Forms
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Don't forget that you can also share policies or documents for parents to sign using the policies and documents section. However, if you need to create yes/no forms like a consent form to administer medication, watch the video below. The video shows you how to create consent forms and what these look like from the parents perspective! l Creating forms are done via the School Interface > custom checklist section.

Tutorial on Creating Custom Checklists

Please Read, Before Watching the Video:

  1. Please note, the schedule option for custom checklists is no longer available.

  2. You can always make the checklist private after the relevant parent(s) has completed it, by selecting 'do not share.'

  3. Before saving a checklist, cross check that you are sharing with the correct recipients, as this cannot be edited afterwards.

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