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How to assign a device to a project

Find out how to assign a device to a project on your Dashboard so it receives information about safe zones (geofences) and/or live location

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When you have created a project and added your safe zones (geofences), you'll need to sync your devices so they can receive your pre-set information about where is safe to work onsite.

Please note: Devices will not be able to receive information about safe zones (geofences) until they have been assigned to a project or site.

You can assign devices in Wearable mode when worn by track workers or in asset mode when attached to on-site equipment such as marker boards. Find out about the different modes here πŸ‘ˆ

Decide to assign a device to a project or a site

You can choose to assign a device to a project or an individual site within a project. For example, when you have a large project with multiple live sites, choose to assign a team's devices to their specific site to keep the teams separate.

Assign device to

Device behaviour

A project

Will receive safe zone information from all live sites within the project

A site

Will only receive safe zone information from the chosen site(s)

We recommend assigning devices to a site when you have a large project with multiple live sites. Find out how to assign a device to a site here πŸ‘ˆ

Please note: A device can only be assigned to one project at a time.

It's quick and easy to assign a device to a project, so let's get started! πŸ‘‡

How to assign a device to your project

  1. Ensure you have access to the device, as you need the QR code or serial number to complete this.

  2. Navigate to the "Projects" tab on the Dashboard on the left hand side.

  3. Click "View project" on the one for your current worksite.

  4. Now you're in the correct project, click the "Devices" tab at the top.

  5. Click "Assign devices"

  6. Choose whether you want to assign a device in "Wearable" or "Asset" mode by clicking on the title at the top.

  7. There are two options to assign a device. Either type the serial number of your device or scan the QR code*. This can be found on the back of your Wearable.

  8. Wait for the device to sync. It will show in the list on the right-hand side as "Awaiting wearable". A green pop-up banner will show up saying "Successfully added" when complete.

  9. You can now view your assigned devices from the 'Devices' list.

Any questions or issues?

We're here to help! Simply pop us an at email, WhatsApp us on 07713682625 or drop us a message via live chat from the blue bubble in the corner of this page or within the Dashboard 😊

*How to scan a QR code: Using your mobile, tablet or webcam allow camera access on the Dashboard. Hold the Wearables' QR code up to the camera and let it focus.

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