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How to get started with geotagging (asset following) and asset icons
How to get started with geotagging (asset following) and asset icons

A guide to the planning asset locations and the asset follow features within the Tended Dashboard

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Welcome to an introduction to the geotagging within the Tended Dashboard.

What is the asset follow feature?

With the Tended asset follow feature you can ensure equipment isn't left behind onsite and is being placed in the correct location within your safe zones.

By adding a Tended device in "Asset" mode on your Dashboard and then affixing the device to your equipment onsite you can compare its current location to its actual location, or just follow its location. This allows you to find it onsite or check it's where you expect it to be. A device in Asset mode will also alert if moved out of a safe zone.

For example: You're taking a marker board on site. Attach it to a device in Asset mode will allow your team on site to get an alert when you reach the edge of the safe zone, highlighting the exact location the marker board needs to be placed in. You can also have a live location view of where it is if it's left behind, or not placed where expected as detailed within your safe work pack.

What is an asset icon?

When planning out a safe zone (geofence), you can use an asset icon to plan the location of site equipment according to your safe work pack. This could be for assets or other important site information. For example, add icons. to your site map to plan the location of a safe access point, marker board, or highlight where a piece of plant should be.

Any questions or issues?

We're here to help! Simply pop us an at email, WhatsApp us on 07713682625 or drop us a message via live chat from the blue bubble in the corner of this page or within the Dashboard 😊

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