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How to unassign a device

Find out how to unassign a device from a project or site so it can be re-assigned to a new one

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After a device has been used on-site for track worker protection, you'll need to unassign it from that project on the Dashboard. This is so it can be re-assigned to a new project or site to receive different geofence information.

Please note: Devices will not be able to be assigned to a new project until they have been unassigned from a completed one.

You can unassign devices from a project quickly on the Dashboard. Unassign one device at a time or choose to unassign all devices within a project at once. When unassigned, the devices will be ready to be re-assigned to a new project.

πŸ’‘ Tended Tip: Close a project to unassign all devices from a completed project. This way the devices will be ready to be assigned to future projects.

It's quick and easy to unassign a device, so let's get started below πŸ‘‡

How to unassign a device

  1. Navigate to the "Projects" tab on the Dashboard on the left-hand side panel.

  2. Find the project you'd like to remove a Wearable from and click "View project".

  3. Click the "Devices" tab at the top.

  4. You'll now be able to see all devices assigned to your project. Click the device ID you want to unassign. Then click "Unassign device".

  5. You can click "Unassign all devices" to unassign all devices in this project.

  6. Click "Remove device" when done.

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