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Who is Tenet and what do we do?
Who is Tenet and what do we do?
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Founded with the belief that sustainability and personal finance should go hand-in-hand, Tenet EV Finance is a pioneering financial services startup. We're all about making electric vehicle (EV) ownership more affordable. But how do we do that? Let's break it down!

What's Tenet's Mission?

At Tenet, our mission is to make driving green easier for everyone. We're passionate about the power of electric vehicles to transform our world, reduce carbon emissions, and set us on the path to a sustainable future. Our aim is to remove financial barriers to EV ownership, making these eco-friendly vehicles accessible to all.

What Services Does Tenet Offer?

At Tenet, we specialize in loans for electric vehicles. But Tenet is no typical auto finance company. We've crafted our EV loans to reduce your monthly vehicle ownership costs.

Here's our secret: we understand that EVs depreciate slower compared to gas-powered vehicles. With this knowledge, we offer longer loan terms and flexible financing options for lower monthly payments. And here's the game-changer - our innovative Deferred Payment Loan Option. This unique feature allows you to lower your monthly payment even further, making EV ownership even more affordable.

We also collaborate with credit unions who share our enthusiasm for sustainable assets, and we pass these rate savings onto you, our customers.

What's Next for Tenet?

We've set our sights high! Tenet's vision goes beyond just EV loans. We're striving to make sustainable living more affordable, with a focus on home upgrades like solar panels and smart appliances.

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