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What is Tenet's loan program for Ride Sharing Drivers?
What is Tenet's loan program for Ride Sharing Drivers?
Updated over a week ago

Note: Due to The TLC Pausing the exemption for receiving License Plates for Electric Vehicles, Tenet has also paused new Applications for Ride Share Loans. We hope to resume applications soon. In the meanwhile please fill out the form below to be notified once we resume Ride Share Loan Applications.

With financing built for Uber & Lyft Drivers in New York City, Tenet has launched a new program to offer financing specifically for ride share drivers in NYC. Our financing helps Drivers take advantage of TLC returning the exemption of TLC License Plates for Electric Vehicles. Apply today and help accelerate NYC into a cleaner future!

Program benefits:

  • List Tenet financed vehicles on ride sharing platforms like Uber & Lyft. Typical consumer auto loans do not allow this.

  • Take advantage of Tenet's Deferred Payment Option, in which our clients lower their monthly payment by about $200/Month!

  • Finance up to 6 vehicles (Eligibility).

  • APR Rates starting as low as 13.99% - 15.95%.

Individual Requirements:

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