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What is Tenet's EV Extended Warranty Add-On?
What is Tenet's EV Extended Warranty Add-On?
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Tenet's Electric Vehicle Extended Warranty is a product offered via our partner X-Care. It can be purchased during your Tenet loan application and rolled into your final loan amount.

Like all of our other Add-Ons, Extended Warranty can be added on top of your Max Loan Amount as part of your Monthly Payment, without increasing your interest rate.

What does the EV Extended Warranty cover?

This exclusionary plan is so extensive, that it protects nearly ALL manufacturer-installed mechanical and electrical parts/components except those listed in The “What Is Not Covered” section of the agreement.

Included Benefits:

  • Works around Tesla Service.

  • Accepted by Electrified Garage.

  • Accepted by any ASE-licensed mechanic.

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

  • Towing.

  • Rental Cars.

  • Trip Interruption.

  • Rideshare / Livery Use.

  • Backed by 'A' rated insurance company.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

How much does the EV Extended Warranty cost?

The price of The EV Extended Warranty depends on the Year, Make, Model, Trim, and Mileage of the vehicle you are financing.

As well as The Term, Mileage Coverage, Deductible, and whether Commercial use is enabled or not. Reach out to a Loan Specialist if you would like to adjust any of these variables for your warranty that you don't see in your Tenet Dashboard.

If I am still under the manufacturer's warranty why would buying The EV Extended Warranty now make sense?

In every circumstance, it is always cheaper to purchase a Warranty as early as you can (when your vehicle is youngest by age, and miles). For EV owners that just took delivery of their new vehicle, it's cheaper to buy an 8 or 10-year warranty term when the vehicle is brand new, versus purchasing a 4 or 6-year term when your vehicle is already 4 years old (both having the same comprehensive coverage plan). If you end up selling your vehicle, XCare is transferrable to any new owner, or you can cancel for a pro-rata refund for the unused portion.

When I have an issue with my vehicle, where do I take it?

Where you service your EV does not change. XCare functions more in the background as more of a payment service. If you own a Tesla (Rivian & Lucid customers follow this route as well) before scheduling your service appointment, please simply complete XCare's, Kickstart Your Claim form, or call their Tesla Claims line at 1-877-302-1715, state your vehicle issue/concern, and they will start your claim, and guide you through the end. From there, schedule your service visit on your vehicle makes mobile app. As you receive the estimate from Service, please forward that to so their team will be ready to pay Tesla via credit card over the phone, via email, or reimburse you.

If you own any other Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), please take your vehicle to any ASE-certified mechanic or qualified service center, present him/her with your contract or policy number, and have them call 1-877-414-0134 to start your claim.

The following vehicles are eligible for EV Extended Warranty:

  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV's) up to 10 years vehicle age and/or >120k miles.

    • Vehicle is over 10 years of age from the current year, then the vehicle is ineligible (Example: 2013 Model S is no longer eligible for XCare).

  • Plug-in Hybrids are excluded from coverage.

  • Current Model Year + 7 and/or >100k miles max for battery coverage at the time of contract purchase.

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