What if you don't see any records for the period?

Note: In this screenshot, we can see that the camera hasn't been recorded for two hours.

Here I will describe step by step what you should check in case you notice the absence of records for a certain period of time.

Explore Audit Log

An Audit Log is a large log that records all the actions of any user on your Timeline. To check if someone has made changes to your camera configuration, go to the camera page and open the Audit log tab.

Note: Here you can see that Roman made some changes to the camera configuration at 2021-10-18 12:08 and this is the last entry in the log. It was long before there was a gap in the records, so we do not pay attention.

Check your Timeline's Audit Log to make sure no one has deleted recordings.

Explore Timelapses

Our system records time-lapses every 5 seconds throughout the entire time, which allows you to study them to understand if there was movement in a given period of time. Here's an article that describes how you can use Timelapses.

Often, such gaps in the recordings are caused by the fact that there was simply no movement. View time-lapses by clicking on the Play button. If the movement has been noticed, you will see a red box around the moving object.

Explore Camera Analytics

Your camera can work using Tetherbox analytics or Camera analytics directly. Check how your camera is configured by going to its page and clicking the Edit button, on the Advanced tab you will see the Event Trigger field. Here's a guide on how to set up analytics types for your cameras.

If you use only camera analytics, then the issue for which you do not see recordings is probably weak analytics or incorrect trigger settings. Refer to the camera analytics setup guide to get the most out of your camera.

It is also possible that the camera did not have enough sensitivity to detect movement. This is possible if a moving object is very far from the lens or merges with the general background (for example, it is in the dark).

Step to contact Tether Support

If you followed all the steps above and:

  1. Your camera uses Tetherbox analytics;

  2. You have found a Timelapse that clearly shows movement (with or without a red frame);

  3. You checked the Audit Log to see if the recordings were deleted and your camera was turned on / off and you found none of these.

Please, contact our support team and provide the date and time period for which there were no recordings, the name of the camera that did not record and the timelapse where you detected the movement.

Also, perhaps our other article on false positives will be useful to you.
Why am I receiving false detections?

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