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I believe TetherX missed an event, what do I do?
I believe TetherX missed an event, what do I do?

How to access the 24/7 recording in TetherX

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Here is example of a 2 hour gap in recording:

In this article we will describe the steps you can take to confirm that this is a genuine gap or if something was missed by the system or the specific configuration.

Checking Timelapse

TetherX records time-lapse images every 5 seconds 24/7. This allows you to always have evidence of no-evidence, e.g. to be able to prove that a person was not there even if they claim they were.

Please refer to our How to use Time-lapse in TetherX article.

More often than not, this is where the exploration ends. If you do not see any motion, chances are the date/time provided could be wrong. However, if you are missing time-lapse images, or if you do see genuine motion in the time-lapse, further investigation is needed.

Checking the Camera Audit Log

The TetherX Audit Log keeps a full record of all user activity on the system. Could it be that somebody has made configuration changes to the system or the camera, in this period?

The quickest way to check is:

  1. Go to Admin > Cameras > Name of Camera

  2. Select the Audit Log tab

  3. Make sure no changes were made close to the period of missing footage

In the following example, you can see that Roman made some changes to the camera configuration at 2021-10-18 12:08, if this is the period in question, that is the likely culprit:

Checking the User Audit Log

If no configuration changes were made, the next time could be checking the global Audit Log. You can access it by pressing the "Audit Log" option in the main menu.

Please refer to our Using the Audit Log article for more details. What you are looking for is if possibly somebody deleted the event or footage of interest.

Checking Your Camera Settings

Your camera can be set up with custom schedules, making and specifics such as using just camera analytics. Could it be that the camera was on a schedule not to record at that period of time? - or that the required analytics were not enabled?

If you have checked the above but you are still missing events from specific cameras, please refer to our guide for setting up motion and analytics on your cameras. You likely need to adjust the sensitivity or enable additional analytics on your camera to avoid missing events.

Checking Your Camera Position / Lighting

It is also possible that there is simply not enough contrast to be able to detect events. The moving object may also just be too far from the camera, in which case you may want to look at a telephoto lens or multiple cameras for better coverage.

Contacting Tether Support

Missed events are extremely rare with a properly set up TetherX system. If you have followed the above tips but are still not able to get the required results, we are here to help!

As initial steps, please make sure:

  1. The camera has TetherBox analytics switched on as our analytics are extremely sensitive.

  2. You have found a Time-lapse image that clearly shows movement with no corresponding event.

  3. You have followed the above steps to ensure the events weren't deleted and there were no system changes at the time.

Once you have done the above, can you please provide us with the date/time/camera of the missed event, image of the time-lapse for us us to watch out for and any other background information you think could help us in investigating the issue.

You can send us the above information directly within TetherX by pressing the help button and starting a new chat.

Too Many Events?

If on the other hand you are seeing too many false events, please refer to our Why am I receiving false detections? article.

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