BPro Notifications

BPro Notifications are designed to provide you with the control and flexibility to create customized, improved communications and automation, to benefit the needs of both your business and your clients. 

Here's the Need-To-Knows on Notifications

  • Email and In-App Notifications are available to all (Unlimited).

  • Standard Notifications Templates will be pre-loaded on release.

  • SMS Notifications require purchasing an outbound SMS phone number through BPro (Please contact BPro Support). 

  • All Notifications except In-APP are set to Inactive by default on release 

  • All Customers, Leads and Users are Opted-Out of notifications by default on release.

How to get started with activating your Notifications

1.   Notifications Builder:

In the Notification Builder, you can create and activate notifications to suit your business.  Start creating and activating your own notifications!  Click HERE to Learn More (Article).

Notification Types:  (Video) Choose the scenarios in BPro that you would like to trigger notifications to be sent out.

Notification Templates:  (Video) Allow you to control the who, when, what and how of your notifications to be sent out.

Notification Settings:  (Article)  Manage the default Notification Settings for your BPro location.  Set your outbound phone number, email, and default subscriptions.

2.   Notification Settings for Your User: 

Manage the default Notification Settings for your user profile. Set your phone and email to receive notifications and choose which notification types to receive.  Learn More! (Article)  (Video)

3.   Customer and Lead Notification Settings:

Opt your customers and leads into Email and SMS notifications and even control the types of notifications they receive. Learn More! (Article)  (Video)

Managing Your Notifications

Manage Your In-App Notifications:

Easily see and manage In-App Notifications assigned to your BPro user by clicking on the 'Notifications' menu in the top-right of BPro.  Learn more! (Article)  (Video)

Notifications Dashboard:  

This report shows you details on all notifications that have been sent from your location.  Learn More! (Article)

Scheduled Notifications: 

This report shows you details on all future notifications that are scheduled to send out from your location.  Learn More! (Article)

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