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Overview of Mighty Groups
Overview of Mighty Groups

All about Groups on The Mighty

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Groups on The Mighty bring together Mighty members with similar shared interests. They might focus on specific health conditions, hobbies, general mental health support, or may be geared toward a particular identity. Available on the web and the Mighty app, Groups are a great way to connect with others who get you.

How to find a Group

For a list of Groups you can join right now, see The Mighty Groups Directory.

To search for Groups:

  • Select the "Explore" icon at the top of a page. On the mobile app, this appears as just a magnifying glass.

  • Enter a search term and click enter.

  • Select the "Groups" tab from the menu beneath the search field.

Searching for Groups on a desktop browser:

Searching for Groups on the mobile app:

How to join a Group

If you find a Group through search (see above), in the search results list you have the option to select a "Join" button next to the Group name.

While on the Group's main page, you can join by clicking the "Join" link. On desktop and mobile browser, the link is in the top-right corner under the Group's header image. On the mobile app, there will be a "Request to Join" button for this under the header image.

For some Groups, you can join immediately. For other Groups, a leader will need to approve your membership.

How to see which Groups you have joined

When you are a member of a Group, you can find it by selecting the "Groups" icon in the menu. On a desktop or mobile browser, this menu is at the top of any page. On the Mighty app, this menu is at the bottom.

For all Groups you have joined, select the "Following" tab at the top.

The "My Groups" tab is for Groups where you are a Group leader.

How to post to a Group

To make a post to a Group, you will need to be a member of that Group.

  • Go the Group's main page

  • Select the link to make a new post. On browsers, this is labeled "Create a New Thought". On the Mighty app, this is labeled "Post a Thought".

  • A page to make a New Post will come up, and it will automatically be set to post to that Group. You can see what Group you are posting to at the top of the New Post page.

Make a new post on the desktop browser (left) and on the mobile app (right).

For more information on making posts, see: Making a Post on The Mighty.

How to see Group posts

For public Groups, all users can see Group posts on the Group's main page. You can see public Group posts whether or not you are a member, and whether or not you are logged in.

For private Groups where you are a member, you can also see Group posts on the Group's main page. You will need to be logged in to see private Group posts.

For private Groups where you are a not a member, you will not be able to see Group posts. You will need to join the Group to see the posts there.

For Groups where you are a member, you will also see posts made to the Group in your activity feed. This is the feed on the main page of when you are logged in.

How do I create a new Group?

For information on creating a Group, see: Creating a Mighty Group.

If you create a Group, you will automatically be a leader for that Group.

About Group leaders

What are Group leaders? / Who runs a Group?

Leaders are members with additional privileges in a Group. They have the ability to update the Group header and profile images, edit the Group description, approve or ban members, and so forth.

Leaders are sometimes staff members, but very often they are regular community members like yourself.

How to find a Group's current leaders

To see the current leaders of a Group:

  • Go the Group's main page.

  • For mobile app users: Go to the Group's About page. The About link is at the top of the Group's main page, just under the header and Group name.

  • Select the "People" tab at the top.

  • Select the "Leaders" tab on the left. A list of leaders for the group will come up.

How to become a Group leader

You can become a Group leader by either creating a new Group, or by being promoted to the position by a current Group leader or by staff.

Resources for Group Leaders

For information on improving and growing a Group, see: Optimizing a Mighty Group.

For information on moderating a Group, see: Moderating a Mighty Group.

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