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How does my kit work?
How does my kit work?

Expiration date, storing your kit and recycling it

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When does my kit expire — and why?

Why does my kit expire? The sample collection tubes in your kit contain a gel that separates your blood. This gel becomes less effective over time, so we recommend using the kit within two months.

Both tubes contain gel inside — it just looks different in each one. The yellow tube has a layer of gel at the bottom which is much more obvious. And the purple tube has the gel dotted around the inside.

How do I find out if my kit has expired? Simply check the date on the side of the sample collection tube in your kit. 

If your kit has expired before you've had a chance to use it, just click here to get a new kit, free of charge.

How should I store my kit?

Your kit will be posted directly through your letterbox.

Make sure your kit hasn't been damaged in transit — it should look the same as the picture below. If it doesn't — drop us an email at to let us know and we'll send a new one out to you.

When your kit arrives, you might not be ready to use it straight away. That's okay — just make sure you store it in a cool, dry place.

We recommend leaving your kit somewhere in view so that you're reminded to do it. But not somewhere exposed to direct sunlight — or other extreme temperatures.

You may want to open your kit before you're ready to use it – that's okay. Just make sure you keep all of the components together. It's important you don't confuse your returns form with others in your household (see photo below). If you do, the lab won't be able to run your sample.

Can I recycle my kit?

You can recycle your kit in five easy steps.

Step one:
Slide open the box.

Step two:
Remove the main section of the box by pulling it — you'll need to pull pretty hard!

Step three:

Pull out the other section of the kit. You'll see a strip of plastic film attached.

Step four:
Remove the strip of plastic film. This film isn't recyclable.

Step five:
Everything else can go into your recycling bin ♻️

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