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What's in my finger-prick kit?
What's in my finger-prick kit?

All you need to know about the equipment in your Thriva kit

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The kit box

Your kit has everything you need to do your test and post your sample. You can recycle it after you've collected your sample.

The tubes

You will receive either:

  • a purple tube

  • a yellow tube

  • both a purple and yellow tube

  • a red tube if you're taking our women's hormones test.

Each tube tests for different things.

They all contain a gel to stabilise your sample. The gel has an expiration date. It's usually valid for three months from when you receive your kit — but you can find this on the side of the tube.

These are Microtainer® blood collection tubes made by BD — a global medical device manufacturer. And they're designed for finger-prick collection.

The tube casing

Our tube casing is a plastic sleeve that protects your sample when you post it. It's made by the medical company MedDX.

The tube labels

All tubes must be correctly labelled with your name and date of birth. Otherwise, the lab won't process your samples. You'll receive the same number of labels as you have tubes.

The lancets

You'll receive three lancets in your kit. 

Our lancets are single-use only. They prick slightly deeper than normal blood sugar lancets because they are designed to collect enough blood to fill our tubes.

Our lancets are BD Microtainer® contact-activated lancets. They're CE marked — meaning they comply to European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation.

The plasters

Our plasters are medical purpose plasters. And they have cute faces on them too! 😊

The wipes

Each kit contains:

  • an alcohol wipe — to use before pricking your finger

  • a cleansing wipe — to use after pricking your finger. 

The instructions

Our instructions are created in-house by our Thriva team. They're an easy step-by-step guide on how to prepare for, collect and post your sample.

The return form

Our return form tells the lab which tests to run on your sample. The lab can't process your sample without it.

The envelope

You'll get a pre-paid Tracked24 envelope in your kit. It's a biological substance envelope that can safely carry blood samples and other biological substances. 

These envelopes are collected by Royal Mail and delivered to our lab. These can be posted back by dropping them in a post box — there's no need to visit the Post Office.

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