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Can you help me with a different question about your kits?
Can you help me with a different question about your kits?

Questions about delivery time, kit size and packaging

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Do I need to be in to receive my kit through the post?

No — our test kits fit through your letterbox and don't require a signature on delivery.

Are the kits discreet?

We send out our kits in plain packaging to protect your privacy — just in case you prefer that people didn't know you're taking a test.

Does it hurt?

The lancets included in your kit are designed to make the smallest and most painless prick possible. It's a similar feeling to getting pricked by a rose bush — a sharp pinch for a second or two and that's it. Lots of people don't even feel it and everyone we ask says it was much better than they expected.

Why is there gel in my tubes?

Each tube contains a gel which stabilises your blood sample for up to a week. You can find more info on our kit equipment here.

How much blood is needed in each tube?

If your tube has a yellow top — we need enough blood to ensure that we are able to process all results successfully. You need to fill to the upper line on the collection tubes at least — and even higher is better. Don't worry, the tube is small and only requires about ten drops of blood.

If your tube has a purple top — purple-topped tubes don't require as much blood. Just aim to fill the tube at least halfway — then pop the top back on and invert the sample as soon as possible.

I've only managed to fill up one tube, but I've got two?

If you received two tubes in your kit, both need to be filled and posted together. But don't worry — pop your old tubes in the bin and drop us an email at

We'll send you a free replacement kit with some extra tips so you can have another go.

I've used up all of my lancets — what do I do?

Drop us an email to and we'll put some free lancets in the post for you.

What do I do with my lancets after using them?

Our lancets are single-use only. Once you've used them, either pop them in the envelope with your sample to post to the lab — or safely put them in your main waste bin.

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