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How do your subscriptions work?
How do your subscriptions work?

Personalising your package, rescheduling your next test and unsubscribing

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How much does a Thriva subscription cost?

Our personalised subscription test packages are individually priced depending on what tests you include.

You start with a base price which covers your kit, postage, the lab fee for unboxing and stabilising the sample and the doctor's review and report. You then choose the tests you want.

You can find more on how our pricing works here.

Why are the prices for each test different?

The price of each test is the lab cost to run that particular test. You can find more info on our UKAS-compliant labs here.

Are the personalised test packages on subscription?

Yes – they are. You can change, pause or cancel your subscription any time from your Thriva dashboard. Here's how.

How do I personalise my next subscription test package?

Hint: From the "update package" section of your Thriva dashboard.

You can adjust the price and include or remove tests from your next package at any time from the personalisation page.

How do I change my next test date?

Hint: From the "manage subscription" section of your Thriva dashboard.

You can change the date of your next test or change your subscription frequency at any time – depending on your testing and monitoring needs.

You'll only be charged for your next test on the date scheduled. And your kit will be dispatched on that same day.

How do I pause my subscription?

Hint: From the "manage subscription" of your Thriva dashboard.

Pausing your subscription means you'll no longer receive any tests, and you won’t be charged until you decide it’s the right time to resume.

We’ll continue to keep you in the loop about any new tests, exciting product updates, and the latest research.

How do I resume my subscription?

Hint: From the "manage subscription" of your Thriva dashboard.

Once resumed, we'll post your test the next working day — or you can pick a different test date after restarting. You won't be charged until this time.

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