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Using TTRS in School
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How long are pupils playing? (TTRS)
How long are pupils playing? (TTRS)

Use the 'Stats' and 'Sessions' bolt-ons to monitor amount of practice

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Using the Sessions bolt-on

Flipping the question around, you can ask yourself, "How much do I want them to play?" How many minutes would you like your students to spend practising each day or each week? (If it was up to us, we'd say three minutes per day.)

The Sessions feature allows you to set a number of minutes for them to play between over a period of time and then check their completion and performance. In just a few clicks you'll be able to set homework for the rest of term and ensure your students are practising the tables regularly.

Sessions make it much clearer to the pupils as to how to meet your expectations (because they get a little notification bubble over the game they have to play) and for you to monitor to what extent they've met them.

Using the Stats bolt-on

Effort and Correct Answers

The Stats bolt-on enables you to view the minutes played per day on average.

For example, if you set the timeframe to 7 days then the results will show you how long they played each day on average over the last 7 days. If the result for a pupil was 2 minutes 9 seconds, that equates to ~15 minutes in total over 7 days. Bear in mind that the 15 minutes could have been played at any time over the last 7 days and could have been played as a block or in small doses.

The number of correct answers a pupil has given also gives an indication of how hard they've been working though it depends how quickly they can answer.

Remember that you can use the Stats bolt-on to create a Custom Leaderboard for your class, focused on the number of correct answers pupils have given over your chosen time period - the previous week, fortnight, month or all time. You can return to the leaderboard at any point to quickly view the updated information, print it off as a cool wall display or download auto-populated certificates for your hardest working pupils:

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