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New 50% Consistency Target

We heard you loud and clear, and it’s happening! You can now pass the Trading Combine® in as little as two (2!) days because we’ve increased the Consistency Target in all Trading Plans to 50%.


Consistency in your trading is critical to long-term success, but we don’t want to limit traders that can put up big winning days. This update makes the math simple—keep the biggest day at half of your overall profit or less. That’s it!

Consistency Target Chart


  • Your best day cannot be greater than 50% of your Profit Target.

  • Two days? Isn’t hitting exactly 50% difficult? We want to be clear about the potential this gives our traders—we cut the minimum days to earn funding in half—but we don’t expect everyone to pass in 2 days. In fact, there is no rush. We’ve built a small buffer into the backend that accounts for market fluctuations, so you don’t need to be down to the penny to pass.

1 Step. 1 Rule. #1 Prop Firm.

1 Step changes everything! Starting today, Topstep’s Trading Combine® only has 1 Step AND 1 Rule. Earn funding in as little as 4 days, and pay yourself up to 4 times a month! Along with the simplest payout policy, the industry's 1st funding opportunity AND #1 Prop Firm has your back.


  • The Maximum Loss Limit is the most you can lose, updated at the end of each trading day, based on realized profits. It helps you keep what you’ve earned and ensures you don’t give too much back to the markets.

  • Exceeding your account’s Maximum Loss Limit will result in an immediate rule break, and your account will no longer be eligible for funding. Nothing else causes rule breaks.

  • The Max. Loss Limit is critical to risk management and longevity in the markets. Maintaining a minimum account balance ensures you can “Always trade for tomorrow™.”

  • Most other prop firms have a Trailing Maximum Drawdown and calculate it intraday on unrealized profits (high water mark), but NOT US.


Disciplined traders always follow a plan, and by showing risk management skills, you can earn a Funded Account. Here are your Trading Plan objectives:

  • Profit Target: Reach and maintain the $3,000 profit target.

  • Consistency Target: Show us you can put up more than one big day. Keep your best day below 30% of the total profits made.

  • Daily Loss Limit: Should you hit or exceed the Daily Loss Limit, your account will be deactivated for that trading day.

*REMEMBER! None of these can cause rule breaks.


Once you become a Topstep funded trader, take advantage of the quickest and most straightforward payout policy in the industry, with the ability to pay yourself up to four (4) times a month.

  • Request a payout after accumulating 5 winning days of $200+

  • Withdrawal up to 50% of your account balance with each request

12 New Products To Trade at Topstep!

We have added 12 NEW products—including Micro Gold, Micro Crude Oil, and Micro Bitcoin—available to start trading today!

Micro Gold (MGC)

Micro Ether (MET)

Micro Australian Dollar (M6A)

Heating Oil (HO)

Micro Crude Oil (MCL)

Micro Silver (SIL)

Mexican Peso (6M)

Platinum (PL)

Micro Bitcoin (MBT)

Micro Euro FX (M6E)

RBOB Gasoline (RB)

New Zealand Dollar (6N)

Keep Your Next $10K

All Topstep Funded Traders™ can keep 100% of the next $10,000 they earn! We are giving back even more to our dedicated traders, the ones achieving big wins in the markets, showing consistent profitability and discipline.

Whether you are a seasoned Topstep trader, are re-joining us, or are new to the program, everyone is eligible to keep their next $10,000!

  • Everyone who passes the Trading Combine and earns an Express Funded Account.

  • Everyone who is currently trading in an Express Funded Account or Live Funded Account.

  • Everyone who has already earned their first $5,000. That’s right—you are now eligible for another $10,000!

  • Once you have taken $10,000 in payouts, take advantage of the industry’s best profit split; you keep 90%!

We have the best payout policy in the game. You can count on fast payouts every time and don’t have to wait for a certain time of the month to get paid.

Daily Loss Limit

The Daily Loss Limit is no longer a rule.

Here are the details:

  • If you hit or exceed your Daily Loss Limit for that trading day, the account will auto-liquidate for the remainder of the trading session.

  • Once a new trading session reopens at 5:00 PM CST, you will be able to continue trading.

  • The Daily Loss Limit is no longer a rule and, therefore, not an account closing violation.

The Daily Loss Limit is still important:

  • Adhering to a loss limit instills discipline and proper risk management

  • Losses can be emotional; emotions affect decision making

  • At a certain point, you need to call a bad day a bad day (we all have them)

  • Having a plan and sticking to your Daily Loss Limit allows you to live to trade another day.

Flattening Positions for YOU & Trade Desk

We now offer traders the perks of a Trade Desk with risk assistance. Call our Risk Managers at the Trade Desk to help you execute trades. Additionally, they will now attempt to flatten positions for all traders daily at 3:08 PM CT.

We’re flattening your positions at the end of the day.

As a part of our commitment to always moving you forward, our Risk Managers will begin attempting to flatten trades starting at 3:08 PM CT. If you are trading a futures contract that closes before 3:10:00 PM, you need to exit that market prior to the daily close to ensure you are flat for the 3:10:00 PM CT hard cutoff.

Trade Your Way: Multiple Express Funded Accounts

You can now earn and take payouts from up to three Express Funded Accounts™ at the same time!

The Details:

Whether you want to test and hone various strategies or scale one up, we’re giving you the space to safely trade your way. Please be mindful in your approach, as 3x the ability to profit can become 3x the losses if risk isn’t properly managed. Always have a plan!

  • Earn and trade in up to three (3) Express Funded Accounts

  • Test various strategies to learn what works best for you and market conditions

  • Have one strategy that is crushing it? Connect a trade copier to scale your priorities

  • Traders can only have one (1) Live Funded Account when selected to trade live

*Our prohibited conduct policy remains in effect. Hedging is considered illegal and will not be permitted.

Express Funded Account™

Topstep’s Express Funded Account is the fastest path to earn from your trading and take payouts. After a successful pilot program and positive feedback, it is now available for all Funded Traders!

What does this mean?

The Express Funded Account is a simulated account that is offered after you pass Step 2 of our trading combine. Your trades inform our prop firm trades, and we both earn real money. All upside, no downside.


Quantower users can now earn funding with Topstep®! Execute advanced trading strategies with premium tools and features valued at nearly $100, FREE exclusively to those starting a new Trading Combine®.

Now More Payout Options with Topstep® + Deel

We’re excited to introduce Deel®, our new payment platform to upgrade the Funded Trader experience. With Deel, you can expect new payout options, faster access to payouts, and simplified processes.

After passing Step 2 of the Trading Combine®, a Deel contract and sign-up link will be sent to your email. If you are currently in a Funded Level Account™, you will receive instructions on your first payout after January 9th, 2023.

Funded Traders = One Step

It’s even easier to stay funded with Topstep®. Regardless of a positive or negative balance in your account, Funded Traders® are now only three trading days away from being funded again. For Funded Traders®, you will be given the chance to advance to Step 2 after your account is closed!

If you ever lose a Funded Level Account, we recommend waiting for a follow-up email with more information before making a new Trading Combine purchase.

All active Funded Traders® and those who reach the Funded Level™ on or after October 4, 2022!

Removed Economic Release & Weekly Loss Limit Rules: September 4, 2022

Topstep® removed two rules from all 50K, 100K, 150K Trading Combine and Funded Level™ accounts for both new & existing traders. We removed the Economic Release and Weekly Loss Limit rules, allowing you to take your strategy into your own hands. We are here to guide you through your trading journey, giving each trader the proper tools and opportunity to succeed.

Economic Releases

Weekly Loss Limit


We’re placing more responsibility in the hands of our traders to take advantage of economic news events.


This places the obligation of weekly risk management on the trader without the reminder of a Weekly Loss Limit.

*Disclaimer: All swing accounts will still have the Weekly Loss Limit rule in place.

Faster Payouts: July 27, 2022

Topstep processes payouts daily, so you can get your hard earned money in little to no time! We have taken steps to payout out Funded Topstep Traders as quickly as possible.

  • Topstep processes payouts daily

  • Payout Requests received before 10 a.m. CST are processed the same day

  • We have a new form on our dashboard that helps our traders make their requests quickly

  • Topstep responds within one business day if additional information is needed

Payouts generally take 2-5 business days to receive from your bank. Additional time is needed during bank holidays. If bank information submitted to Topstep contains errors, or your tax forms are incomplete. Some banks need additional processing time for international wires.

90/10 Profit Split: July 19, 2022

Topstep® offers all Funded Traders a 90/10 Profit Split! Topstep wants to reward disciplined, well-deserving traders. Learn safely with Topstep while keeping more of your hard work.

How does a Funded Trader get the 90/10 Profit Split?

  1. Start a Trading Combine®

  2. Earn a Funded Level™ account in as little as eight days!

  3. Request a payout when eligible - keeping 100% of your first $5,000 with Topstep®

  4. After that, instead of 80%, you now keep 90%!

First Payout Bonus: June 7, 2022

Topstep Funded Traders who have successfully completed the Trading Combine® are eligible to receive Topstep’s First Payout Bonus. The First Payout Bonus, equal to your last Trading Combine subscription payment, provides traders with extra capital to invest in themselves - use it to buy a trading book, register for a class, or bank it; it’s your money, use it your way.

Consistency Target: September 28, 2021

The Consistency Target measures a trader's ability to balance making repeated profits and managing risk, so you can turn your passion into a profession, consistently grow your account, and most importantly, pay yourself. The Consistency Target replaces Minimum Days in Step 2 and was added to the Pro Account for new subscriptions starting after this release.

TradingView Platform: July 8, 2021

TradingView is now one of Topstep’s recommended trading platforms. Combine two of the most trusted players in the industry to earn Futures funding and join our elite group of traders who have already received payouts of over $2,000,000 in 2021!

It goes without saying — TradingView is a top-tier trading platform. Here’s why millions across the globe love them:

  • Intuitive charting for beginners to advanced traders

  • Hundreds of pre-built studies and market analysis tools

  • Easy-to-use alerts

  • The largest social network for traders

Coach T™: April 22, 2021

Coach T is a personalized, automated, real-time digital Performance Coach in your trading account that provides support, guidance, and motivation throughout your daily trading journey. Coach T gives insight into your behaviors, so you can achieve top performance whenever you get in front of the screens.

Not just for developing traders — Coach T was created to help all traders succeed in the markets — in the Trading Combine®, Pro Account®, Premium Funded, and Funded levels.

Coach T’s tools include TraderIQ, Practice Account, Alerts, and Analytics. They were designed to increase awareness and discipline but do not affect the eligibility of your funding evaluation or live funded account.

*Available for Futures traders; not available in the Swing Trading Combine or Forex Trading Combine. Technical limitations prevent us from offering the Practice Account to traders using T4.

Scaling Plan Update: January 17, 2021

The Trading Combine® and Pro Account® now reject any orders that exceed your Scaling Plan limit. This update is for traders using Tradovate and Rithmic, including NinjaTrader, only.* Focus on maximizing profits from beginning to funding, not mistakes.

*Technical limitations prevent us from stopping orders that exceed the Scaling Plan for T4 users. We recommend enabling order confirmations and continuing to monitor your total open lots carefully.

TraderIQ™: January 06, 2021

Discipline is crucial to becoming a funded trader, and it’s earned by holding yourself accountable. TraderIQ was designed to make you keep your word. TraderIQ lets you set and be scored against a personalized Trading Plan. Track your score over time to gain insight into your trading behaviors and focus on specific areas of improvement.

LEARN MORE - Excluding the Swing Trading Combine

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