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Alerts is a part of Coach T™

Alerts in the dashboard allow you to be notified by your computer’s internet browser. This is currently available on Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Additional browsers may be supported in the future.

Alerts are enabled for the following Trading Combine rules:


You can enable Alerts by clicking on the bell icon on the top-right of your dashboard. The Economic Releases alert provides multiple time options that you can adjust.

Alerts help you manage your trading account but they do not provide any rule break prevention. A trader is still responsible for managing their trading account to avoid rule breaks regardless of this feature. If Alerts is unavailable at any time the icon will be red on your dashboard to make you aware.

What if my alerts are not working?

If the Alerts are not working on your browser they may be blocked if you use an adblocker. This may be able to be adjusted in those settings depending on the type of adblocker you are using. Alerts will not work if you are using an incognito/private browser.

If you previously prevented notifications from the Topstep website through your browser you can adjust those settings:

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