Appointments Set-Up Guide
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Appointments gives businesses the option to offer one on one services such as Personal Training, Acupuncture, Consultations, etc.

It allows clients to book their appointment on the date and time they want, with the staff member they want, at the price they want!

This set-up guide will walk you through how to set up Appointments on your Triib platform.

Step 1: Staff Availability

Before setting your Staff's availability, make sure to enable your Staff Members for Appointments!

Set your Staff's Availability so clients can start booking your services.

To learn more, read the Staff Availability article.

Step 2: Appointment Types

Create your Appointment Types such as Personal Training, Acupuncture, etc. These will be the services you offer to your clients.

To learn more, read the Appointment Types article.

Step 3: Appointment Sessions

Sessions are broken down by the duration (minutes), staff member(s), and the fee of the service.

To learn more, read the Appointment Sessions article.

Step 4: Appointment Packages (optional)

Bundle your Appointment Sessions into Appointment Packages. Sell packages to your clients so they can use them to book appointments.

To learn more, read the Appointment Packages article.

Video Guide

After setting up your Appointments, it's time to learn how to use Appointments!

Start by checking out the Staff Calendar article!

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