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How Waiver Signatures Work
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Your clients will be prompted to sign the waiver no matter how they are entered into your Triib system. There are a number of ways for someone to sign your waiver, including:

  1. Member's Triib Online Account

  2. Member's Profile Page from Admin Dashboard

  3. Member Sign Up Page

  4. Missing Waiver Reminder

  5. Kiosk Check In

Member's Triib Account

When you add a new member and send them a welcome email, they will be prompted to log into Triib with the credentials provided in the email. The first page they will see is the waiver and they will have to sign it in order to proceed to their profile.

Member's Profile Page

On the member's profile page, you will see a button to Sign/Update Waiver Form. By clicking this, you can have the client sign the waiver if they are sitting with you while you are adding in their membership plan. Note: This would require you to show them the admin dashboard.

We recommend clicking on Sign Current Waiver Form and then have your member sign the waiver. By doing this, it would prevent them from seeing any information in the dashboard you may not want them to see. 

Quick Waiver in the Kiosk

The Quick Waiver feature on the Kiosk now allows anyone who hasn't signed your waiver yet to, quickly, do so. On your Triib Account navigate to Triib Settings > Triib URLs > click on the Kiosk URL. Your Kiosk screen will pop up with the Quick Waiver option on the bottom right side of the page.

If the member already exists in your system, make sure that they use the same first and last name along with the email address that is on their current profile. By doing so, the waiver will be signed for the existing member. Otherwise, it will generate a new profile. 

Member Sign Up Page

On your public Member Sign Up Page for any membership or attendance pack, the waiver is required in order to complete the form.

Missing Waivers Reminders

Under Reports, you will find your Members Missing Waivers Report. From this page, you can easily email any members a link to sign their waiver. Navigate to Reports > Members > Missing Waivers.

Kiosk Check In

If a member has not signed their waiver and they go to check in to class from the Kiosk, they will be prompted to sign it.


Will I be notified from any Triib URL display links If a member has not signed their waiver?

When a member checks in from the TV Class List Dashboard, you will be sent a notification of the failed check-in so that you can follow up with them after class. We do not prompt the waiver signature from the TV Screen pages or Mobile App.

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