Guide to Importing Members
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We know importing data can be daunting and we will do our best to make is as smooth and easy for you.

To start, here's What we can import

Step 1: Export your data from the other platform. Every system is different and some are easier than other to export information. Here are a few guides to help.
How to export from Pike 13
How to export from Zen Planner
How to export from Push Press
How to export from Mindbody Online
How to export from EZ Facility
How to export from RX Gym
Transferring from Wodify Information

If you need assistance, email and we will gladly help you out. 

Step 2: Add the information onto our Import Spreadsheet. Download here
There is a lot of information you can add but there are 2 types of imports: Inactive Members and Active Members.
For Active Members, here's the most important information: 

  • First Name, Last Name              

  • Email Address

  • Plan Name

  • Plan Rate

  • Billing Cycle

  • Bill Date

Note: Incomplete data will delay the process.

Step 3: Send Spreadsheet to 

Step 4: Onboarding will scrub your data looking for errors and duplicates. If there are missing pieces, we will send back to you for more information.

Step 5: Onboarding will import 

Step 6: Import Complete and we ask that you verify the data. 

Step 7: Onboarding will turn on processing & send welcome emails according to the agreed dates during your business conversation with your Onboarding Specialist. 

NOTE: If you are wanting to transfer billing information (CC and Bank Information) for your members, please take a look at What to Expect with a Billing Transfer.

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