Multi-Channel Messaging allows you to communicate with members through multiple channel at the same time. If you are cancelling a class, you may want to send an email, in-app mobile notification and text message. You can send emails, in-app mobile messages or texts to active & past member groups, custom groups, individuals and classes for the next 7 days and the past 7 days. Multi Channel Messages allows you to do this in one easy step! 

Note: Text & Mobile App messages can only be sent to active members where emails can be sent to past and current members. 

If you have templates you have already created for communications, you can easily add in the email template. If not, Learn How to Create Email Templates as you can save your templates which contain email, text and in-app messages. Why re-create if you don't have to! 

Step 1: Go to Triib Messaging
Step 2: Click on Multi Channel Messages and complete the message channel(s) that you would like sent to the selected group of individual. You do not need to complete all three. 

Note: App Message & Email Messages needs both a subject and message.

Step 3: Select group or add an individual that you would like to send your message to. You can manually add member(s) by using the member look up. Type in the member name in the blank white space and then select the member. 

Step 4: Once your channel messages are ready, click on “Send”.


  • How do I send to just 1 or 2 channels? Leave the channel empty if you do not want to send a message to that channel. For example: To send to Text & Email only: you'll leave the App Message Subject & App Message empty and therefore no message will be sent to the app; however, the message will send via text & email. 

  • What if a member doesn't have the app or use SMS Text? We will attempt to send to all non-empty channels. If a user does not use SMS texting or the App, they will still receive the email message.

  • Can I use a template? Yes, you can use a template for emails. Click on “Choose Template” and select which template you would like to use.

  • Can I create my own template? Yes, you can create a template directly in the Multi Channel Messaging or through email templates. Complete the Email subject and Email Message, then at the bottom enter a “Template Name” and click on “Save Template”. Your saved templates can be found: Messaging > Email Templates > Newsletter / Announcement.

  • How do I auto-populate information?  You can use variables to auto-populate information. You can copy + paste the variables into the Multi-Channel, Text, Email and App composers as well. Learn More about Variables.

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