Prospects in Triib are prospective clients that are interested in your facility and they are captured through the Triib Contact Form, Kiosk or Manually Added.

Tip: Prospects are not considered members and you will not find them in the member search bar unless they became members.

You can manually add a prospect, use the more information form on the kiosk or embed the contact page to your website or social media. Once the prospective member completes the form they will automatically be added to Triib as a prospect.

This feature also allows you to add notes, immediately create the client as a member without having to reenter the information already provided or directly email the client individually or as a group, set follow-up dates (image 4), or delete the prospect.

Creating Prospect as a Member

Members > Prospects > click the prospect > Create As Member


Messages > Compose Email > Prospects > When selecting this it will attach all prospects at the bottom of the template to be sent!


Set follow-up dates


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