What Happens After the Welcome Email

Steps a member should take once they receive the welcome email

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The welcome email is a member's first interaction with their Triib account! The welcome email provides the member with login credentials and action items upon login. There are two types of welcome emails that go out to your members:

  1. The Onboarding Welcome Email (cannot be edited)

πŸ“§ Onboarding Welcome Email πŸ“§

If you are transferring your member data to Triib via import, your members will receive a welcome email sent out on the date you communicated with your onboarding specialist.

Please note that this is a fixed template that cannot be adjusted. We recommend sending out a "Heads Up" email to your members notifying them of the transition and what to expect.

πŸ“§ Personalized Welcome Email πŸ“§

New members who sign up for a membership will automatically receive a welcome email upon purchase.

Check out Setting Up your Welcome Email for more info!

Now, let's take a look at what the member will experience after receiving the welcome email.

Member Experience After Welcome Email

When members receive their welcome emails they will go through the following steps:

  1. Members will receive a username (their email) and a temporary password. With those items, they will click on the URL provided in step 1 at the bottom of the email:

2. After opening the account URL, they'll be asked to enter their old password (the temporary password that was sent in the email) and create a new, unique password!

3. Once the new password is set, your waiver automatically pops up for the member to fill out and sign! If their membership plan has a contract, they'll be asked to sign the contract after the liability waiver. Once completed, the member will ready to rock and roll.

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