Failed membership payments are never fun to deal with, but when they happen we want you to be prepared with how to handle them in Triib!

When a member's payment fails, the admin will automatically receive an email alert (set under Triib Settings > Edit Affiliate Info > "Email address to send failed payment notifications to"). You can also create Payment Alerts to notify your members of a failed or upcoming payment.

To access a report detailing all of the current failed payments, go to:

Reports > Revenue Based > Failed Payments

On this report, you can view the invoice linked to the failed payment, the member's name, the date the invoice was due, the date of the most recent decline, number of failed attempts, total due, and the decline error returned by the member's bank.

📍 Please note that:

  • Credit card payments will be automatically retried for 4 days. After that, you will be responsible for manually processing the card.

  • ACH (Bank Account) payments WILL NOT be automatically retried. This is to save from failed payment fees for ACH.

📌 To manually retry a failed payment, select 'View Details' under the corresponding "Invoice" column > select "Full Process Now."

For ACH payments, once you successfully re-try the charge, you may click the 'Mark as resolved' button on the failed payments report to remove the failed payment from this report.

If an ACH (bank account) charge is failing for any reason other than insufficient funds you should not re-attempt the ACH payment as it will still fail. Please instead remove the bank account and have the member re-add their account with the correct information.

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