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Which product is it related to?

Background Checks.

What is the feature?

It's a new setting for the client. It will allow them to customize the period of time for performing retries for a check, which translates to a mitigation of having incomplete checks.

Client can enable retries through the /settings endpoint. It will take a default time, but if they want they could also customize it with retry_until param and adjust that time to meet their needs.

What problem are we solving?

It's the product feature that will mitigate the risk of having check results with incomplete information.

How to do it? How do I integrate?

API clients: Using our API Docs:

Front clients: Contact your CX representative and inform him that you want to activate this feature. The Product and Engineering team will activate it.

What happens if we don’t have this?

We still perform retries for all checks but for a short period of time, so if the client want to really mitigate the fact of having incomplete results due to government databases down, they should enable retries.

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