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Getting Started with TryNow
Initial Installation
Register for your TryNow Merchant Portal Account
Register for your TryNow Merchant Portal Account
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These instructions are for merchants that have already completed downloading the TryNow app to their Shopify store (Step 1).

Steps for registering your TryNow Merchant Portal account

Step 1- Create your account by entering a password of your choosing. The email address you'll use to log in here will be the same email you use to log into Shopify.

This first account you create will automatically be the Administrator for the account, and will have Admin privileges like editing settings. You will be able to add more users and configure their access under the Settings > Users tab.

Tip - Bookmark the Merchant Portal login page so you can easily access it later on.

Step 2 - After creating your account, navigate to the Settings tab of TryNow’s Merchant Portal. Set your timezone.

Step 3 - Next, navigate to the "Trial Plan" page to set your Trial Length (the number of days a shopper can keep and item before needing to return it in the mail), and your Return Period (the number of days you will need for return shipping and returns processing in your warehouse, so as to not charge the customer early for products they are returning).

Step 4 - Next, navigate to the "Assets" page to upload your Logo and maintain a consistent brand image.

Step 5 - Next, navigate to the "Returns" page to input your returns URL. These fields are editable and can be changed later.


Tip - The returns URL is the webpage that your shoppers will be redirected to if they want to place a return. For merchants that do not have an RMS portal, we suggest including the FAQs page or Returns Policy webpage that has more info on how to start a return.

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