How do I extend a trial?

Extend an active trial using Merchant Portal

Updated over a week ago

Once a shopper’s trial has started, users with the "Orders: Update" permission enabled can extend a shopper’s trial. You can provide an extension of up to 45 days.

To provide a Trial Extension, please follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the order which you want to provide a trial extension. The “Search” feature in Merchant Portal can be helpful when locating specific orders.

  2. Once you have located your order, click anywhere on the corresponding row. The order details window should pop out from the right-hand side.

  3. If an order is eligible for a trial extension, you will see the option to Extend Trial at the top of the order details page.

  4. Selecting Extend Trial will initiate a pop-up. Select the extension length by typing the total number of days you would like to extend the trial. To apply the Trial Extension, click Extend Trial. If you no longer wish to extend the trial, you can exit this pop-up by selecting cancel or clicking anywhere outside the pop-up window.

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