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How to handle TryNow shipping delays or lost packages
How to handle TryNow shipping delays or lost packages
Updated over a week ago

You can manage these orders directly within TryNow Merchant Portal!

โ€‹Delayed Orders Still in Transit: If an order is delayed but tracking shows it's still on its way, extend the customer's trial period to the maximum allowable days via the Merchant Portal. This ensures that the customer has enough time to evaluate the items once they arrive. Need more time? Email us at

Lost or Undeliverable Orders: If the package is deemed lost or cannot be delivered within the extended trial period, you have two options:

1. Cancel and Have Shopper Repurchase: Cancel the order and instruct the customer to place a new TryNow order on your website. It's important to note that if the trial period has commenced, the customer will be charged the full amount of the original order upon cancellation. This charge should then be immediately refunded to the customer.

2. Reship the Order: Alternatively, you can reship the order with a payment attached to the replacement order. Keep in mind that the authorization from the original purchase will cover this new shipment. For any returns, customers must use the original Order Number, not the Order Number from the replacement order. This ensures that the returned items are correctly associated with their initial TryNow authorization and order.

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