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How do I update my trial & post trial charge delay period?
How do I update my trial & post trial charge delay period?
Updated over a week ago

You can update your Trial & Post-Trial Charge Delay settings at any time by going to the Controls section of your TryNow Merchant Portal.

Select Trial Plan from the left-hand navigation. You can enter in your Trial Period and Post-Trial Charge Delay length in number of days. Make sure to click Save in order for changes to be applied.

Please note that changes to your Trial Period and Post-Trial Charge Delay will only apply to orders placed after the change is made. This change will not retroactively impact or change any existing orders.

What does Post-Trial Charge Delay mean?

This value is only relevant for shoppers who keep everything and do not initiate a return during their trial. If we do not see any return activity for the trial, we assume the shopper is keeping everything, and this value allows you to tell our system how soon you would like us to capture after the trial ends.

Below is an illustrative example:

Let's say you set this value at 1 day, which is what we by default recommend. This is what would occur from a shopper-facing perspective (to provide an illustrative example):

  • A shopper's trial began on 12/1/23.

  • The shopper's trial is set to end on 12/10/23.

  • If the shopper does not return anything, we assume they are keeping everything. Our system will automatically charge for the full order value on 12/11/23, 1 day after the trial ended.

  • Note that this expected charge date is clearly communicated to the shopper via email.

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