Enabling Your Loop Integration
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To enable the Loop integration with a merchant, we will need their webhook secret and

API key. Below are the instructions to obtain these:

Step 1: Within your Loop portal, go to Settings > Developers

Step 2: You should see two sections: Webhooks and API keys. At the bottom of your

Webhooks section, you will see a "Webhook secret" and a sequence of numbers

and letters that will follow. This is your webhook secret, which we will need to ensure secure communications between your loop system and the TryNow platform.

Step 3: Then underneath, there is a section for API keys. Click on "Generate API key". Click the following scopes: "Return" and "Developer Tools". Feel free to name it if you would like, and then click "Generate." A key, which is also a sequence of numbers and letters, will be generated.

Below is what it should look like - the blacked out sections have the keys we will need.

Step 4: Open Merchant Portal and click on Settings > Returns. Under the section titled RMS Integrations click "Add Integration". You will see the below pop up window for you enter the API Key and Webhook Secret.

Step 5: Click "Save". Your integration is now set up!

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