ROI Calculation
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Introduction to ROI

We have created a true, fully burdened, ROI Insights calculation tool that is designed specifically for your CFO. Use this ROI calculator to analyze the true ROI of your program after taking into account all incremental TryNow costs. This factors in all additional costs such as return shipping costs, warehouse receiving fees, restocking expenses, and more. Within Merchant Portal, you will be able to calculate and track ROI based on your unique inputs.

What is a TryNow ROI?

The TryNow ROI is the return on investment. ROI = (Net Revenue - TryNow fees - (Inputs * Count of Returns)) / (TryNow Fees)

ROI (Return on Investment) = How profitable an investment is, specifically how much it has returned (after expenses) compared to the initial amount invested into it related to TryNow.

Net Revenue = as defined by Insights Dashboard, the total amount of money collected from customers, after refunds have been processed, across all TryNow orders during the specified period.

Return Costs = Merchant Inputs * Count of Returns (how many orders had returns associated with this).

Cost of Investment = TryNow Fees (What has actually been billed to the merchant).

Steps to Implement

Get ready to track your ROI!

Step 1: Log in to Merchant Portal and navigate to the Insights tab, then navigate to the ROI section.

Step 2: Now you can add in your inputs.
Click on the "Modify Inputs" button.

Return Shipping Costs:

  • Shipping label cost - per order

Return Warehouse Costs:

  • Receiving costs - per order (if applicable)

  • Restocking cost - per unit (if applicable)

Other Per (Outbound) Order Costs:

  • Other Incremental costs - per order

Then hit the "Save Inputs" button.

Step 3: Once you have inputted all of your costs, you will now be able to track your TryNow ROI.

At any point, you can refer to the ROI section in Merchant Portal to make any revisions to your inputs.

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