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Why Am I Being Charged Before a Project Is Completed?
Why Am I Being Charged Before a Project Is Completed?

Paying cleaners through Turno

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You may have noticed a charge on your statement before your cleaner completed a project - what you're seeing is an authorization or hold.

When you use our auto payments feature, our system authorizes payments up to three days before the date of an assigned project, placing a hold to ensure that your payment method is working and will have the funds to pay for the project.

The payment will only go through to the cleaner when they mark the project as completed in Turno. If the cleaner doesn't complete the project up to 7 days after the authorization was initiated, the authorization will be dropped, and there will be no transactions.

❓ How do I cancel an authorization?

If you'd like to stop an authorization, we recommend that you remove the cleaner from the project. You can also delete the project, but please keep in mind that deleted projects cannot be retrieved or assigned to other cleaners.

Once the project is unassigned or deleted, the authorization will be canceled and voided.

🕰️ Projects charged per hour

In the case of hourly projects, if it's the first time the cleaner is completing a project for that property, we estimate the amount of time the cleaner might take for the project based on the number of bedrooms in the respective property. After the first project, the authorization for hourly projects is estimated at 10 percent above the highest payment over the last 10 projects.

Once your cleaner enters the actual amount of time spent on the project, we will recalculate the rate of that turnover, and then charge the correct price. 

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