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My Teammate No-Showed or Did an Unsatisfactory Job. What Can I Do?
My Teammate No-Showed or Did an Unsatisfactory Job. What Can I Do?

Maximize your business experience as a host by exploring effective strategies to handle no-shows or work that falls short of expectations.

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When faced with no-shows or unmet cleaning expectations, Turno supports hosts by offering some options for handling the situation. We aim to ensure a positive hosting experience by providing you with the flexibility to choose your preferred course of action, so take a moment to explore the available options in this guide. 🔔

What options do I have if a teammate doesn't show up or clean as expected?

We strongly advocate for open communication and resolution between you and your teammates in case of any issues. Ideally, we trust that you can achieve a mutual understanding to resolve matters amicably. Please use the Turno messenger to chat with your teammates and find a resolution together. 

Nevertheless, if this proves difficult, rest assured that there are alternative options at your disposal to address the matter. Your satisfaction and a seamless partnership with your cleaners remain our primary focus. Should you find yourself in a difficult situation with a teammate, here are some approaches to consider.

Review your cleaner

Share your complete experience with the cleaner by leaving them a review on your My Team page. This can help prevent other customers from encountering the same issues.

The following article explains how to send a review to a cleaner ☑️

Remove the teammate from the project

If the project hasn't been marked as completed yet, you can remove the teammate from it to deter them from hitting the complete button and triggering the auto-payment. Doing this will cancel any payment for projects that haven't been marked as complete.

Consult this article for help removing teammates from a project ☑️

Void the transaction

If a teammate doesn't show up or underperforms on a job they were assigned to, the option to void the payment will be available on your payment history page up to five days after the project was marked as completed, as long as that is the last payment that has succeeded for that property.

Navigate to Payments > Payments Settings (or Payments & Subscription Settings) > Payment History. Once on the Payment History page, locate the transaction you wish to void (cancel) and click the Void Payment button found in the Actions section.

You may be prompted to enter the reason why you need to void that payment, and your request will be sent to us.

If you don't see the Void Payment button to cancel the payment, please contact our Customer Support team via live chat or at We'll do our best to help.

As a general rule, we can process refunds up to two weeks after the date a payment has succeeded. After this period, we will need to get a confirmation from your teammate that this refund is approved by them. 

Disconnect from the teammate

If you no longer wish to work with that teammate, you can disconnect from them on your My Team page. Just remember to leave a review first, as disconnecting also blocks them for you.

Learn how to disconnect from teammates below. ☑️

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