Scheduling Cleaning Projects as a Host

Getting started with projects on your host account.

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To share cleaning dates with your cleaners, these dates must exist in your Turno schedule first.

Projects are the service appointments in your Turno calendar. You can share your cleaning projects with your cleaners so they know when your property needs to be cleaned.

This article explains the schedule page from the website version of the platform. 😉

👉 Getting started

When you sync your rental calendar to Turno, the system will import your bookings and, by default, automatically generate cleaning projects associated with the dates you have guests checking out of your property.

You can also change your property's settings to have the projects generated on your check-in dates instead. What matters is that each cleaning project will be associated with a reservation that came from your calendar.

If you don't know how to sync your rental calendar to your Turno property, check out the two articles linked in the buttons below. ⬇️

📆 Understanding your schedule page

Once you set up a calendar on your property, your schedule should look something like this:

You will see two different types of bubbles in the schedule: gray and colored.

Bookings 🏡

The gray bubbles are the bookings from your synced calendar(s) - these won't be displayed to your cleaners, and only you and any co-hosts you may have can see them.

If the bookings come from one of our fully supported platforms (you can click here to check all of them), the bubble will include an icon for the platform the booking is sourced from and the name of the guest who booked the property for that period, and/or the reservation code, will also be displayed on them.

Projects 🧼

The colored bubbles associated with the bookings are the projects you can share with your cleaners.

  • A striped bubble with the tag "no teammate" represents a project that isn't assigned to any teammates.

  • A fully colored bubble with a teammate's name and rate on it represents a project that is assigned to that teammate — meaning they have either accepted the project or were assigned to it manually.

Viewing project details 🔍

When you click on one of these projects, a card containing more information about the project and a few action buttons can be seen, like this: 

There, you can click on "Edit Project", which will take you to another screen where you can edit the project's date, time, and other details as well. Or, click on "Details" to open a board view of the project's details to the right side of the calendar view: ⬇️

You can see some related articles below with more information about how to edit your projects! ✨

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