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How to Create and Edit a Checklist as a Host
How to Create and Edit a Checklist as a Host

How to use Turno's checklist editor as a host

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We know checklists play an essential role in your business as an STR host - after all, they help organize everything your cleaners must do to give your rental that home-away-from-home feel that your guests seek.

To help give your cleaners a solid plan of action, Turno offers a checklist editor where you can create checklists to assign to your properties and share them with cleaners in a practical manner. Here's how to use it.

✨ How to start

To create a new checklist, go to the Checklists section on the sidebar of the website or click here. You'll see this page:

Once you click the button to start creating your new checklist, you'll see a template with a few headers and items you can edit to your liking. To edit one of them, simply click on it. You can also edit the checklist's title and description the same way.

You can also select a project type for your checklist. This way, you can make it so when you create a project that isn't a cleaning, only the checklists you made for that project type will show to be selected for the project you are creating.

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Your changes are saved automatically, so no need to worry if you have to leave the checklist page 🙂

📑 Note: Checklists show on your cleaner's side of projects on the Turno Cleaner app, so you don't have to print them out 😉

📑 Creating and rearranging items

To the left of each item on the checklist editor, you'll see two icons. The plus ➕ sign adds a new item to the checklist right below the one you click ➕ on.

The vertical squares icon allows you to drag and drop each item to rearrange the order of your checklist.

✅ Customizing Checklist Items

You've probably noticed that each item in a checklist has three dots to the right. That's where you'll find a few options to customize your checklist items.

Make item private: 🔒

This will add a lock icon to the item to show it's hidden from other hosts. In case you make your checklist public to be used as a template, these items will not show when other users copy it to their accounts:

Highlight: 🖊️

This allows you to change the color of an item's background:

Subtitle/Remove Subtitle: 🔤

This option toggles the font size of an item to make it a header or an item:

Add image 🖼️

This option allows you to upload an image to the item, which will be shown to your cleaners on their end when they access your checklist. You can upload JPG and PNG files. HEIC files cannot be uploaded (a standard image format from Apple devices), so we recommend you convert your picture files to JPG or PNG to be able to upload them to a checklist.

Require photo documentation 📷

This option adds a requirement to upload a picture on the cleaner's side to check off the item (please note it's not possible to check off subtitles, so they can't require pictures).

📑 Note: With this option active, your cleaners will only be able to complete the project once the photos have been sent.

Delete 🗑️

This option removes the item or header in case you don't need them anymore.

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