On a Typsy for Business plan, you can choose to purchase course vouchers for your members or for yourself in order to access our Premium courses. Each course voucher you purchase can be used by one person within your Typsy account.

To purchase a course voucher:

1. Make sure you are logged into the 'Manager site'.

2. Go to 'Discover' and click 'Courses'.

3. Find the course you would like to purchase, click 'Actions', then select 'Add to cart'.

4. A single course voucher for your selected course will be added to your shopping cart. You can add or remove vouchers as needed using the up and down arrows.

5. Review your shopping cart and enter your payment details to finalize your purchase. We'll save your card details to your account to provide easy shopping in the future.

Typsy tip:

In order for you or your members to then be able to access the course, you must assign the course via 'assign training'. Find out how to assign training.

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