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Viewing an Invoice with Inline Document Viewer or Toggle Feature
Viewing an Invoice with Inline Document Viewer or Toggle Feature

How to view invoices in through the document viewer and toggle features

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In order to process invoices in, you first need to see them! The document viewer allows you to view invoices as you make edits.

Enabling the Document Viewer

This is a two-step process.

Step #1: Select desired viewing method

Use keyboard short cuts, or click the "toggle document viewer" button to cycle between off, inline, and the external display image viewers.

  • Inline image viewer (shortcut "Shift + i"), recommended for single screens

  • External display window, use the "open document viewer on own screen" button from the inline image viewer, recommended for large screens or external monitors

Select External Display Window Button

Step #2: Select desired invoice

Navigate between different invoices using the arrow keys or by clicking an invoice to expand it.

Navigate, Zoom, and Rotate Pages

In the Document Viewer, the toolbar grants you the ability to navigate pages, zoom in, zoom out, rotate pages, and reset the view.

Protip: For lengthy documents, you can type in the number of the page you wish to see,

Resizing the Viewer

In, you can easily resize the document viewer by clicking and dragging the left edge of the image viewer window.

Download Documents

From the image viewer toolbar, you can also download the selected document as seen in the image below.

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