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Keyboard Shortcuts

Reference and master keyboard shortcuts

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Updated over a week ago is a keyboard-optimized platform, mastering the keyboard shortcuts will make you at least twice as efficient compared to using a mouse.

To Access Keyboard Shortcuts, you have two options:

  1. Type "?" when on the Invoices or Approvals tab

  2. Click your name at the top-right and select "Shortcuts" from the menu

List of Keyboard Shortcuts




Access this keyboard shortcuts window

Up arrow key

Navigate between rows

Down arrow key

Navigate between rows

Left arrow key

Navigate between cells

Right arrow key

Navigate between cells


Enter deeper into the application or confirm a selection


Return to a higher level in the application

shift + i

Show/hide inline image preview

shift + d

Show/hide side drawer


Check/uncheck selected invoice

alt + p

Post selected invoice(s)

alt + e

Export selected invoice(s)

alt + d

Delete selected invoice(s)

alt + a

Start approval for checked invoice(s)

alt + c

Combine checked invoices

control + i

Show vendor information


Insert copy of selected line item


Delete selected line item

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